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gas generator
NSI offers natural gas generator,which brand is Cummins and Perkins,the power range is 20-500kw.

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Fuel gas type:

Natural gas, biogas, landfill gas, oil field gas

Genset working condition:

Acceptable working conditions:

Ambient temperature : 0°C~+40°C   

(antifreeze, oil and water heater needed for below 0°C)

Relative humidity:lower 90%(20°C)

Altitude:lower than 500m, if more than 500m, every increase 100m, the power decrease 1%

Normal working conditions:

Genset can run at rated power on the conditions:

Atmospheric Pressure: 100kPa, Ambient Temp: 20°C, Relative Humidity: 30%

Standard Scope of Supply:

1.Brand new gas engine, 90% parts from Cummins engine body such as crank shaft, cam shaft, piston, cylinder head;

2.Brand new brushless alternator

Rating: 3 phases 4 lines. 400/230V, 50 HZ , 1500rpm, 0.8PF, IP22-23, Insulation class H;

3.Radiator for 40°C/50°C ambient temperature;

4.Ignition system adopted USA ALTRONIC;

5.Emergency stop mounted;

6.Battery,Battery cable and Battery charger;

7.Standard tool box;

8.Standard Accessory for installation (include bellows,silencer,flange,asbestos pad,Anti-rust water,screw )

9.Gas Train include Regulator valve,Electromagnetic Valve, Fire arrestor,Ball Valve (Chinese brand)

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