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Maintenance Purpose:
To assure the diesel generator keep at good condition and start successfully when main power shut off. 

Daily checking items:
1,check oil and coolant
2,check generator room surroundings
 Details refer to manuals
Monthly checking items:
1,check manual or electric governor
2,check coolant PH data and volume
3,check fan and dynamo belt tension  
4,check meters such as volt meter
5,check air filter indicator (if equipped) ,change filter when red
  Details refer to manuals

Yearly checking items:
1,check oil quality condition
2,check oil filter 
3,check cylinder bolt ,connection rod bolt tension 
4,check valve clearance , nozzle injection condition 
 Details refer to manuals
Maintenance Significance 
Diesel generator must be kept in good mechanical and electrical conditions to assure the well start and running, for instance, three filters ,oil, coolant, bolt, electric wire, battery volt, etc.  Regular maintenance is the pre conditions. 
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