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Warranty time:
During the warranty time,customer will enjoy NSI or local authorized distributor's good service and maintenance.
Specific maintenance period is as follows:
Genset warranty:
Genset warranty time based on the delivery time and running time. 
One (1) year or 1000 hours (whichever occurs first) from 
date of shipment from the factory or registered startup date

Warranty contents
During warranty time, generator is used in correct way by customer, if there are malfunctions occur in  engine/alternator. NSI or local authorized distributor will be in charge of free check and repairing. Broken parts will be replaced by brand new spare parts ,further more generator will be debugged well。

Warranty charges

During the warranty period, repair or replacement at NSI's option will be furnished free of charge for parts, provided an inspection to NSI's satisfaction discloses a defect in material 
and workmanship, and provided that the part or parts are returned to NSI, if requested. 

Response time:
NSI or local authorized distributor should response customers' claims within 24 hours and provide the relative service.  

Exceptions for warranty:

1.Normal wear, routine tune ups, tune up parts, adjustments, and periodic service. 

2.Damage caused by accidents, improper installation or handling, faulty repairs not performed by an authorized service representative, or improper storage. 

3.Cosmetic problems, discoloration, or rusting due to improper installation, location in a corrosive or saltwater environment, or scratches that compromise the integrity of the applied paint. 

4.Damage caused by operation with improper fuel or at speeds, loads, conditions, 
modifications, or installation contrary to published specifications, recommendations.

5.Damage caused by negligent maintenance such as: 
a.Failure to provide the specified type and sufficient quantity of lubricating oil. 
b.Failure to keep the air intake and cooling fin areas clean . 
c.Failure to service the air cleaner. 
d.Failure to provide sufficient coolant or anti-freezing liquid. 
e.Failure to perform scheduled maintenance as prescribed in supplied manuals. 
f.Failure to regularly exercise the generator set under load. 
g.Failure to follow long-term storage procedures. 

6.Excess mileage charges. Any authorized service provider may perform warranty service anywhere, but only to be paid for mileage expenses from the nearest service center and limited to 300 kilometers roundtrip. 

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