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Kubota (Japan) enjoys a strong reputation in the global market for its excellent compact, lightweight, high-output engines. Kubota is the first company in the world to obtain certification for general-purpose engines under the California Air Resources Board (CARB) emissions regulations, Kubota's engines are renowned for their world-class environmental performance. Kubota is also acknowledged for its engineering capabilities in adapting engines to different applications.

Features of genset powered by Kubota:

1. International Warranty Service
2.With ISO9001&CE certification
3.Original imported (Japan) engines
4.Coupled with Mecc-alte alternator or Stamford alternator
5.Perfect after-service network
6.Power range from 6kva to 30kva
7.Rigorous test including 50% load, 75% load, 100% load and 110% load
8.Warranty: One year or 1500 Working Hours from the shipment date, whichever comes first.
9. Excellent performance for small power range.

  • 50HZ
  • 60HZ
Kubota Diesel Generator Sets
Genset Model Prime Power Kw/Kva) Standby Power Kw/Kva) Engine Model Cylinder Fuel Consumption L/h Speed Governor
50Hz@1500rpm 400/230V 3 Phase
NSK6.6 5.3/6.6 5.9/7.4 D905-E2BG 3 1.5L/h Mechanical
NSK8.4 6.7/8.4 7.6/9.5 D1105-E2BG 3 1.7L/h Mechanical
NSK11 8.8/11 9.7/12 V1505-E2BG 4 2.2L/h Mechanical
NSK12.8 10.2/12.8 12/15 D1703-E2BG 3 2.6L/h Mechanical
NSK17.2 13.8/17.2 16/20 V2203-E2BG 4 3.5L/h Mechanical
NSK20.4 16.3/20.4 18/22.5 V2003-T-E2BG 4 4.1L/h Mechanical
NSK26.3 21/26.3 23/29 V3300-E2BG 4 5.3L/h Mechanical
NSK30 24/30 26.4/33 V3300-E2BG 4 6L/h Mechanical
NSK32 25.6/32 28/35.2 V3300-T-E2BG 4 6.5L/h Mechanical
NSK37 30/37 33/41 V3300-T-E2BG 4 6.9L/h Mechanical
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